Your health and paint

Are you bothered by the noxious odors coming off your walls, or by fumes? Are you wondering for how long the smell of the paint will last, and what dangers or health effects it may cause? additional info?

There are many different paints, including latex and oil-based. use differentingredients, so it is difficult to comment on the health effects of paint in general. As the paint dries, the health effects will diminish. It is best to set up conditions in the home that encourage faster drying and vent the odors.

You can only smell paint wet. Not when it’s dry. The ingredients which make it liquid (normally water, solvent, or oil depending on type) are dispersed into the air when they evaporate off the surface. The chemical process which occurs when paint dries is evaporation. When the liquid component of a product becomes a gas, this is called evaporation.

The fact that it is vaporized does not mean it has disappeared. Both water liquids and water vapors are water. The only difference is their properties. Another process takes place during the process of water evaporation – that is, dispersion. Dispersion can be best illustrated by placing a bottle of perfume in a corner and opening it. Even if you haven’t moved the bottle, the scent of the cologne will be able to reach across the whole room in a few short seconds. The cologne is dispersed in the air because it has transformed from a liquid into a gas. Air flows in the room and carries cologne’s odor with it. After you have removed the cologne cap (and therefore the source), the odor will dissipate completely in a matter of minutes. As it blends with the surrounding air, it is less concentrated. Therefore you will smell less cologne and inhale less. It happens when paint dries. Paint will eventually dry up and the odor should disappear.

It is possible to accelerate the drying of paint. If you have the time, wait until winter or fall to paint. Air has difficulty absorbing moisture when the humidity is higher, which slows down the process of drying. Rent or purchase a dehumidifier if there’s no way to wait for the humidity levels to drop. Place it in your painted area. Use fans to speed up the drying process. Fans serve several purposes. The air is more likely to absorb moisture when it’s moving. In addition, with windows open, they help to move inside air outside, where the air can be dispersed even faster, as well as bringing in outside air. It is important to move air throughout a space. This process, called air exchange, will help you eliminate any unpleasant odors.

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