When it comes to carpet cleaning, timing is everything!

Ah, what joy it is to have a newly cleaned carpet. This feeling is similar to that of a freshly made bed, or drinking your first morning coffee. The big question, which often persists as a wine stain in the carpet is how often we should clean them. Let’s solve the carpeting timeline puzzle with the help of the experts at carpet cleaning gordon, and some common sense, important link!

1. A general rule of thumb

If you have a typical household with no pets or excessive foot traffic and without any unexpected accidents, a deep cleaning of your carpets should be done once per year. It will ensure that the dirt and debris that is not removed by your normal vacuuming does not become too comfortable.

2. Have Kids? Have Kids?

Let’s face it: children can get messy. If you have children, it’s important to deep clean your carpet at least every six months.

3. Attention Pet Owners

Pet owners should have their carpets professionally cleaned 3-4 times per year. This is because of pet hair and accidents that may occur, as well as the dirt they can bring from outside.

4. Zones of High Traffic

Consider a thorough cleaning every three to six months for areas in your house that are constantly walked on, such as hallways, stairs, or living rooms. It will keep the area looking nice and extend the carpet’s life.

5. Special Circumstances

Life can throw you curveballs or spaghetti. Don’t delay if there has been an accident or spillage. To avoid lasting damage, call in professionals as soon as you can.

6. The Allergy Prone

The process of cleaning carpets regularly can help those who suffer from allergies. A seasonal carpet clean could help someone with allergies.

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