What Seattle DUI lawyers are able to do in defense of DUI charges

You may face serious penalties in the event of being arrested for DUI in Seattle. These include the possible loss of the driving permit in addition to jail sentences or criminal record. DUI Lawyers in Seattle can assist you in determine the best options for defense against DUI accusations to ensure that you be sure to get the best result in an extremely difficult circumstance.

What DUI lawyers website from Seattle are able to do?

When you have been charged with an DUI, DUI lawyers Seattle are able to evaluate the case and identify any, defenses you can raise. There are a number of potential arguments your lawyer may present to help free yourself from any charges scot free.

If it’s not feasible to argue the argument successfully, DUI lawyers Seattle can also assist you in exploring alternatives such as plea bargaining and first-time offenders programs in order to avoid lengthy repercussions, or excessively harsh sentences that can cause significant disruption with your everyday life.

The defenses for DUI

DUI attorneys Seattle can listen to your case and review your case before helping to determine what possible defenses, if any, is appropriate for the circumstances. The most common defenses to DUI charges are an illegal search or a faulty DUI test.

When DUI attorneys Seattle aid you in mounting arguments based upon an unlawful search, the defense focuses on the fact that the 4th Amendment Constitutional rights were infringed. Police cannot conduct a search without probable cause. Also, a breathalyzer or other DUI tests are considered a search. If police pulled you over without reason or carried out testing without having motive to suspect alcohol use, any evidence they collected may be declared not admissible. If there is no evidence to support the case, the prosecutor might be forced to drop the charges.

Incorrect DUI defenses based on testing depend on the idea that something went wrong with the way in which the test was performed. This defense is available to justify the fact that a breathalyzer has not been properly maintained or when law enforcement officers did not receive proper training in the use of breathalyzers.

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