What High-Traffic Areas Do to Your Carpets’ Sparkle

It’s likely that you have experienced the joy of walking over a clean carpet. You can feel its softness and smell its new scent. A professional carpet cleaning company in the north shore, for example, may have shared with you their tips and tricks on keeping your carpet looking pristine. While your entire carpet is vulnerable, high traffic areas are the hardest hit.

Why do these spots defy all cleaning attempts, more help? This mystery will be solved.

How to Reduce the Wear and Tear of Busy Zones

Areas with high traffic such as in front your couch, on the hall or along the way from the dining room to the living area, are subjected to a continuous parade of footfalls. This is where the dirt and grime from outside gets dragged the most. Every time you walk into your home from a garden or rainy day, dirt and grime are deposited on the carpet.

This is because these areas not only accumulate dirt more quickly, but are also subjected to the harshness of traffic. Together, the continuous pressure and the gritty dust particles gradually erode the carpet fibers. They become worn, dull, and unattractive. This is because the sheen in your carpet will diminish more quickly compared to other corners.

The Stains & Spills Regular Visitors

The increased likelihood of spills in high-traffic areas is another challenge. Coffee spills, pet accidents, and dropped snacks may be common in the living room or hallway. Every stain poses its own unique cleaning challenge. When combined with everyday wear, these areas become more difficult to clean.

How can you combat this?

In addition to regular vacuuming, it is equally important that stains are addressed immediately. You can avoid stains from setting by blotting instead of rubbing. Professional carpet cleaners can change the game, especially in these areas with high traffic. Rugs and runners are also a great way to protect these areas while adding style. You can rotate the rugs to get even wear.

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