What are the pros and cons of commercial carpet cleaning? Hot water extraction vs. encapsulation

Carpet can be a major investment for your business office – click this link. This is an investment that needs to be maintained, such as changing the oil in your vehicle or waxing and washing it. You will see a much greater decline in the quality of your paint if you do not wash it and wax it. It is the same with your facility’s carpet.

What method of cleaning works best for you? Today I will be discussing the pros and disadvantages of Hot Water Extraction and encapsulation. Before we can understand what type of carpet we’re maintaining, we need to first know the difference. The vast majority of carpets that are commercially available today have a loop construction. They also contain an olefin chemical. Olefin has an oil base so it attracts oil. Sometimes this makes it hard to clean. Do not worry. A maintenance program that takes into account the foot traffic level will maintain a carpet’s appearance for years. This article will provide a recommendation on a cleaning schedule.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at Hot Water Extraction. Let us get this one point out of the way. You don’t call it “steam cleaning.” You don’t have enough moisture to wash a carpet with all steam. It is not possible to steam a carpet pile with a truckmount, commercial carpet-cleaning machine, or any other vehicle that can produce steam. Therefore, hot water extraction is all that’s required for wand water-based cleaning. Water boils at 220 degrees Celsius at sea-level. Yes. Although it can seem like there is steam coming from your wandtip when cleaning, you still get the same effect when out in the cold and breathe hard to see steam or vapor.

Nearly 200 degrees will be reached by most commercial equipment. That’s Hot! This is one cons. This can lead to carpet backing damage. Dry Rot may also be possible. Technically Dry Rot is not Dry Rot. The carpet gets dryrotted when it is too wet or dried often. The condition should be called Wet Rot. It can also be difficult to determine how much time it will take for the wet material or dry properly. It can pose security issues if the doors are not secured during cleaning, which typically takes several hours. Hot Water Extraction’s greatest advantage is its ability to flush and then extract carpet. Hot water extraction can remove allergens as well as dust and soiling almost completely. Let’s now talk about Encapsulation. Then, let’s discuss how Encapsulation can help you create the perfect maintenance plan.

What are the pros and disadvantages of encapsulation? First, I will briefly discuss the encapsulation procedure. Be aware that this description of the encapsulation process is not scientific. So that most people can understand it, the encapsulation description is kept very simple.

Encapsulation: This is an specialized treatment that is applied to the carpet using some type of sprayer. After that, the solution is applied to the pile. Carpet protection can be applied to the fiber. Carpet protection will protect the fiber by repelling or releasing more dirt. Carpet will continue to pull soil from the surface of the carpet when it’s vacuumed. The carpet will eventually lose its non-soil-attracting coat and it will be pulled into the vacuum. One of the benefits to encapsulation is that most spots won’t return. It doesn’t allow carpet to get too wet and therefore carpets dry faster. The carpet backing is not damaged and Dry Rot can be reduced. This makes it a quicker cleaning procedure. There is one problem: the carpet pile may not be completely flushed after encapsulation. These two methods can be combined to make a near perfect carpet maintenance program. Carpet & Rug Institute, a leading authority on commercial carpet care and maintenance recommends that you perform one hot water extraction for every three to four encapsulation process. This will decrease the number of hot water extractions required and prolong the carpet’s life without harming indoor air quality.

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