What are car detailing and auto detailing?

Detailing a vehicle is a process that involves cleaning and polishing the car both on the inside and outside to create a level of quality detail. The practice is popular in America under the name auto detailing, but is now gaining popularity in Britain. Additional info?

Detailing your car is important if you want to exhibit it. If you don’t plan to take your vehicle to an auto show, you can still do this if it will help you sell the car.

The paint, chrome and wheels are cleaned, polished and protected when the exterior is detailed. The exterior of the car must be detailed to include cleaning, polishing and protecting all surfaces. All car detailing processes can be completed with a variety of products, including specialist cleaners, wands and cloths as well as detail clay.

To produce the best polish, you can use mechanical polishers for exteriors. The clear coating will be stripped to remove any fine scratches or swirls.

Use clay to clean the clearcoat of dirt like bugs and tar. Weekly washing will not remove these. As the clay picks up dirt from the car, it is moved gently across.

Waxes may be the most costly product in detailing, but they will protect your vehicle and extend the life of that beautiful finish.

Detailing the interior involves cleaning dashs, seats, window and paneling. To gain better access, remove the seats if you can. To remove all dirt, it is important to first vacuum the area. After that, you can use upholstery cleaners and brushes to clean the surface.

The engine can also be detailed using de-greasers and detergents to clean under the bonnet.

The owner can do the detailing themselves or hire an expert company. You can save money by doing it yourself.

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