W.174 Versace-Eros: A Fragrance Showdown for the ages

In a perfume shop you feel as if you are entering a world full of stories imp source. Each smell tells stories of places, feelings, and even memories. ESNC Perfumery W.174 – a fragrance you may find amongst familiar names, classics and golds – is a fragrance that instantly makes one think about the Versace iconic Eros. Is this just a replica, or has it created its own niche? Let’s untangle this scented mystery!

Many people are familiar with Versace Eros. It is a passion-driven perfume inspired by Eros, the Greek god. It starts off with a minty, lemony, green apple scent. This scent is fresh, bright and magnetic. As it softens, its heart of ambroxan is revealed, with tonka and geraniums. It will wrap you in an incredibly sensuous, warm embrace. Final base notes, such as oakmoss, vanilla and vetiver, leave a lasting impression.

W.174. The fragrance is inspired by Eros. However, this is not another copycat. Instead of lemon, it’s a medley with other citrus fruits – like bergamot, lime, and mandarin. Eros has taken a trip through a sunlit orchard of citrus fruits. W.174 reveals a surprising heart-note – a blend of lavender and cardamom. The base of W.174 is warm, woodsy and similar to Eros. But with a little bit more cedar and just a tiny hint of musky, giving it its own identity.

W.174 appears to be the younger, more adventurous sister, willing to take risks. Eros, on the other hand, retains its classic and timeless charm. W.174 has a distinctive character due to its subtle but vibrant notes.

W.174, for Versace Eros fans, is not a replacement. The idea is to provide an alternative or a new view. Like loving a certain song but adoring a new remix.

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