This is what you should know about standing seam metal roofs

In the past, asphalt shingles was used as roofing for most residential construction. Standing seam metal roofing has become more common in recent times. Here’s a list of frequently asked queries about the use of this roofing material for home construction. Learn more?

What is standing-seam roofing?

Standing seams are roofs that have panels running vertically down the roof. The seams join one panel with another. Their installation is different than traditional roofs, and allows for better insulation that will move under temperature expansion. Such roofs will have raised or stooping seams. These roofs tend to be made with metals like zinc or steel.

What is the benefit of using this type of roof?

Standing seam metal roofing for residential properties has many benefits, like the ones listed below.

Metal roofs have a greater durability and are made to last longer. It is resistant to wear, and it can handle changing weather conditions much better than any other material. Metal roofs with standard seams are also known to be better fire-resistant. These roofs are also resistant to corrosion when they’re treated in the correct way. Properly maintained, these structures will last for 30 to fifty years.

Seams are usually the weakest link in any roofing system. Moisture and rainwater can enter through these seams. With the standard seam, all seams on the roofing panels are elevated and pressed into place to prevent leaks. This makes this type of roofing a more suitable choice over composition shingles.

The standard design allows the metal panels to be unhindered, from top down. In this way, no horizontal joints are needed for the assembly of the structure. This results in a more aesthetic structure. This outer panel for roofs is available in various colors and finishes. It makes a wonderful addition to your exterior portion. This roofing also looks sleek and is a match for either contemporary or country-style homes. It is a mix of both modern and industrial, which makes it a great alternative to old warehouses with ruffled tin.

Metal roofs, in general, are thought to cool down homes. Because they can be coated with lighter colours, the roofs do not heat up or absorb the heat. While composite shingles, on the contrary, can be painted easily.

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