This is what you need to know before having an Eyelid Lift

Why Are My Eyelids Sagging?

A thin skin can cause guest posts to stretch as they age. This will cause the skin to appear loose. Smoking and the sun can make your eyelids droop. Eyelids that droop are also caused by genetic factors, click this link.

Does my eyelid lifting qualify me?

The eyelid lift is recommended to those with wrinkles or loose skin around the eyes or bulging bags.

How painful is eyelid surgery?

This procedure can be performed without any pain under local anesthesia. Small amounts of euphoric liquid are injected by doctors to the eye region in order to make it numb. The mild medication sedation may be used. Eyelid lifts do not require general anesthesia.

Can I get both the eyelid and other procedure done?

Yes. Yes.

Does the outcome last forever?

They last quite a while. Most people only have eyelid surgeries once.

How long will the surgery take?

This takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 90. Depending on how many eyeslids you want to treat and the type of treatment, it can take anywhere between 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

Medical Insurance and what it covers

Many medical insurance policies exclude eyelid lifting. You may be covered by your insurer for an upper eyelid procedure if your loose skin makes it difficult to see or perform normal tasks. Lower eyelid liftings are not covered by insurance in most cases. If you want to know if your insurance will pay for this procedure, contact them. It may be necessary to have a vision exam if the insurer asks for one.

Should I be worried about risks?

Some of the risks include blurred or double vision when you close your eyes at night, swelling of your eyelids temporarily, and small whiteheads that appear after the stitching is removed. Scarring and slow healing are other risks.

If you are suffering from high blood-pressure or diabetes, eyelid surgeries can be more risky.

The risks of using anesthesia include respiratory and drug interaction problems. Surgery is associated with risks, such as bleeding and infection.

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