The Pineal Gland, Your 3rd Eye

The Pineal Gland (the seat of consciousness) is the link between the overall body, spirit, and soul. It is located in central brain, driving the eyes. The Pineal Gland has a very small size, much smaller than the normal pea. It is reddish gray in color and is shaped almost like a pinecon. The Pineal Gland could be considered the mind’s eye. It appears almost like a watch with all of the functions required for an eye to function. Pinea is Latin and means pine cone. The ancient world is full of pine cone symbols, starting with the Sumerians and Anunakis, then moving on to the Greek, Roman, and Vatican traditions. The Osiris staff in Egypt used the pine cone symbolism. It was also known as the Eye of Horus in Egyptian situations. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on

The Pineal Gland had been overlooked until quite recently. He stated that this was the point at which the soul, the human body, interacted. This is also where we receive the Divine realms’ messages. Plato, a Greek philosopher, believed this to be our relationship with the realms of assumed long before Descartes. He called the Pineal Gland The Eye of Wisdom. It is also called the third mystical eye. It is responsible for psychic perception and idea from the metaphysical globe. When activated, it can see far beyond the physical world and becomes the line of interaction with the greater planes of staying. This is a phenomenon that has been observed in japanese culture towards the Hindus. Taoists. Also, it is being confirmed by western scientific analysis.

The Pineal Gland, often called the God Molecule (or even the Spirit Gland), allows us to have a larger awareness. It is believed that the Pineal Gland grows in size almost immediately after years of normal meditation. The Maharishis, who were supermen in India’s history, had amazing powers. They generated electricity, telepathy, and therapeutic powers. This included the ability to time reverse, invisibility of cells, telepathy as well as healing powers. Pineal Glands were experienced by many of them as large as lemons!

Jesus refers back the pineal system when he says: “The gentlest from the human body would also be the eye. If that is the case, then thy entire physique shall be filled with gentleness.” He meant us to meditate about the pineal gland. He also mentioned that the people who sat down in darkness saw a wonderful Light-weight. It was a way of indicating that they saw light in their third eye, which activated it before they had been in spiritual darkness. The symbol of a eye could signify that we are the observers of truth or that we are merely imagining our reality.

The crown chakra is able to reach down to touch the Pineal Gland. Once the Pineal Gland activation is complete, we gain a higher consciousness and sense of oneness. The activation of the Pineal Gland is key to our ascension path.

The silver cord connects to the astral persona with the physical body via the Pineal Gland. This smaller gland could be the portal for receiving higher vibrations from sunshine. The Pineal gland carries the light vitality of the greater dimensions into the physical human body. This prana (or essential electrical power) is obtained through the power centre throughout the head and allows the astral entire body, when applied, to vibrate with a greater frequency. It can then access the spiritual portal without the need to be connected to your physical body. If the Pineal Gland awakens, you will feel a strain in your mind. You can connect to higher frequencies to help ease this strain.

The Pineal Gland, element of your Endocrine System, secretes hormones such as Melatonin, Serotonin and DMT (dimethyl-tryptamine.) Serotonin is a reliable hormone for rest, meditation and the emotional state of well-being that includes blissful and euphoria. Serotonin makes Melatonin. Darkness inhibits its production and can make it difficult for the mind to produce it. Melatonin production that aids in sleeping begins when the light-weight is reduced or eliminated. This happens at the brain’s peak of 50 percent. After that, it starts to decrease. To ensure sufficient Melatonin can be produced, we need to rest in total darkness. DMT, often called the Spirit Molecule (or DMT), is believed to be released through dreams, religious or mystical activities, as well as during sufficient time of death. DMT is produced when the mind is in significant REM sleep. This is thought to be associated with genuine mystic possibilities of religious knowledge and non-physical fact. DMT is produced in higher doses in the event of imminent death. This helps us to contemplate our lifestyle and makes it easier for us to carry on. It is common to hear of people whose whole life functions in a way that looks like a fast motion picture of their death.

This organ is the non secular eyesight device, which allows us to bridge the worlds of the physical and metaphysical. It allows us access to lucid, mystical desires that are necessary for our spiritual growth. A lot of dreams are messages to the Soul. The Pineal Gland can be used as an antenna to receive these messages. The Pineal Gland awakens to offer the opportunity to take an astral vacation, observe other dimensions, foresee the future and have communication with loving dimensional beings. It can also control the biorhythms and work in harmony with the Hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus gland directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the organic clock which determines our aging.

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