Test Your Buy here, Pay here Web Site

 This article will show you how real people react to your BHPH home page. The numbers and statistics of your web site can provide many answers. Reliable people can offer surprising insights. You must try to understand where and how visitors to your website are going. It is possible to test the site directly with people, discover more!

Select some random volunteers. Ask them to stand at a computer and to close their eyes. Then, take them to your homepage. Ask them for their attention and to click the button that they find most important. TIME THEM…observe how long it takes to find what they want.

Remember to ask your visitors if they’re going to the same location on your website that you want them? Your visitors may be clicking through to other pages. That’s a good thing. But it’s best if they go to the pages you want, so you can offer them a car.

If the time is longer than 5 seconds, and they are not watching you, then most of them will leave your site. Look at your website again. What changes are needed to get the person you want there in 5 seconds or less? It’s tough. If they leave your Buy Here Pay Here webpage before filling out and submitting your credit application, it’s a lost opportunity.

There are enough people to go around. This is not an objective poll. However, it is intended to open your eyes. The results are sure to surprise you.

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