North Shore Seasonal Carpet Care Tips

North Shore, its seasons and landscape! North Shore carpet cleaning is difficult because of the weather variations. Carpet care is different for each season. As with changing your clothing for the seasons, you need to care for carpets. Discover more?

The spring brings allergies as well as rejuvenation. Opening our windows brings allergies and pollen into the house. Regular vacuuming is essential. You can use it as a daily trigger for your sneezy symptoms. Why deep clean your home? Cleaning your carpets in the spring and removing winter debris is ideal.

Summer is full of obstacles. Sand and dirt are brought into carpets by foot traffic during outdoor activities. The same as our carpets do, these mats also acquire dirt and sand from the outdoor season. This simple, but highly effective method of reducing dirt is to place mats by all the doorways. Imagine it as an inspection point for dirty feet.

In October, wetness or the loss of fallen leaves can cause problems. Dampness, leaves and moisture can damage carpets. It is important to do a thorough vacuum and spot clean. To keep fall’s mess in check, you have to play goalie.

As the days are shorter and nights longer, winter is when we tend to stay inside more, which puts more strain on our carpets. This is the time to enforce household rules. For example, no shoes allowed on the rug. You can think of your carpets as hibernating during the winter, to protect them against severe weather.

Carpet protectors can act as an all weather garment, no matter the season. It is resistant to stains and makes cleaning easier, making your carpets ready for every season.

You know those nasty spots and spills you’ve had? Act fast, no matter what the season. As with minor accidents, treat spills quickly.

The DIY method is good, but hiring professionals can help you save money. Professional cleanings of carpets in preparation for winter months revitalizes them and makes sure they are ready to go.

Be proactive in protecting and preserving your carpet.

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