Kayak Tours Las Vegas: Exploring the Unexpected

Las Vegas brings to mind images of bright lights, world famous entertainment and busy casinos. There’s another hidden treasure waiting to be found beyond the glamorous Strip: the tranquil, captivating world of Kayak Tours. The desert city may not immediately bring to mind water sports, but the nearby lakes and rivers provide a different perspective. Las Vegas kayaking tours are a great way to unwind and explore the natural world while escaping from city noise.  Read more now on Nevada kayaking.

Oasis Found in the Desert

In the middle of the desert, there are many water bodies that offer their unique beauty. The Colorado River and Lake Mead are both tranquil bodies of waters that provide a paradise for nature enthusiasts, kayakers, and other water lovers.

Lake Mead, Where Adventure and Serenity Meet

Lake Mead formed by Hoover Dam is an idyllic playground for kayakers. The 110-mile long lake offers diverse experiences, including leisurely paddling along quiet coves and more adventurous routes for thrill-seekers. A rugged coast, flanked by cliffs towering above the water and rich desert plants, provides a stunning backdrop for an adventure that will last a lifetime. Kayak tours often uncover hidden beaches, rock formations and wildlife.

The Mighty Colorado River, A Waterway of Legends

Colorado River winding through the desert, carving stunning canyons on its course. This legendary waterway offers an incredible perspective to the many natural wonders which have been formed over thousands of years. Imagine yourself gliding along the Black Canyon with its hot springs and ancient rock carvings. Or, imagine the Emerald Cove, a brilliantly blue-green cove filled with crystal clear waters. You can not only escape the city on these kayak tours, but you will also be able to witness the history of this region.

Las Vegas – A Different Side

Kayak tours offer a chance to explore a side of Las Vegas which is usually overlooked. It’s a great way to escape the chaos and noise of Las Vegas. The beauty of nature, tranquility on the water, and the opportunity to unplug from modern life are all refreshing. If you are a tourist or local looking for an adventure, these tours will offer you a memorable experience.


If you’re interested in a guided kayaking tour, there are several tour operators that cater to different levels of skill. Everyone can find a tour that suits their skill level, whether they are beginners or experienced paddlers. All the equipment is provided by most tours, making it a convenient experience. Bookings in advance are highly recommended, since these tours have become increasingly popular.