The Unconventional guide to Political Advocacy

Imagine that you have something in your life that makes your blood boil. It could be the state of your local park. You may not agree with the recent law. If you want to see more bees, or if you simply wish for them to exist, then political advocacy is a great way to get things moving. Find additional reading material on our website.

Don’t get the idea that I want you to dress up and eat at fancy restaurants. You’re welcome to do that.

First, let’s discuss how to get people to come out to your event. Instead of selling Lemon Bars you could organize a Bake Sale in order to raise awareness and support for an idea. Handing out flyers printed on your own printer is another option.

You may think that lobbying is a very dry term, but let me explain. This is a discussion with your local representatives about what you are concerned about and how you can address it.

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we share information. Even a simple Instagram or Twitter post can become viral. Great power comes with great responsibility.

This road is not smooth. Potholes are everywhere.

Keep moving forward when it is hard to do so because of the mountain you are facing. “

Ethics also play a part in this. It’s not a good idea to lie to someone. It will wash away.

How do you start? First, identify your own irritations. Then find others who share the same annoyances. Numbers can be powerful.

It is the core of advocacy, and yes, that is what I am saying, to not accept “it is” but rather to shout “it will become what we create.” Grab the metaphorical megaphone and start making noise. This is just straight-talk from a human to another.