Stashing Mini Storage with Furniture and Supplies is Easy!

Are you ready to dive into DIY renovations? It’s exciting to imagine a space transformed! While the transformation is exciting, it’s important to remember that juggling tools, furniture and materials can be a challenge. What happens to the sofa when you’re painting the living area? What about those tiles that you purchased on sale to redo your bathroom? It’s easier to renovate than you may think. The solution is mini storage. Discover how this overlooked space-saver will make any DIY project easier – click here.

1. You can use furniture as a temporary home

If you want to avoid playing musical chair with the furniture of every room in your house, move them into a small storage space. You will not only avoid potential damage, but you’ll also have plenty of space to work.

2. Store Supplies Safely

Have you purchased all your material in bulk to make some savings? It’s a smart move. However, storing these items at home may clutter your workspace and disturb the work flow. You can use mini-storage units to temporarily store your paints, tiles, fixtures and other items.

3. Tool Time

The tools you use, whether they are heavy duty or not, should be treated with care, particularly if the tool is rented. You should not leave them lying around (a danger to your safety!). Storing them systematically is a better option than leaving them around the house (which can be a safety hazard! So, only what is needed can be retrieved when it’s required.

4. The Renovation Process Can Be Flexible

There’s no need to rush when you have mini-storage at your fingertips. The mess can be left behind while you renovate different parts of your house. Materials and furniture should be stored out of sight until the project is complete.

5. Climate Controlled Option

Depending on the material, such as paints or finishings, certain conditions are required for storage. Most mini-storage units have climate control, so your products will remain in top condition.

6. Declutter and Decide

Decluttering during renovations is a good idea. If you want to declutter, move items into storage. After the renovation, you may decide to donate or sell certain pieces if they don’t match your aesthetic.

7. You can have peace of mind

Security features such as surveillance cameras or coded access are often included in mini-storage facilities. They ensure that valuables will remain protected.

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