Special tricks to store items for long lasting storage!

You can store your goods in a variety of ways. You can store goods in a variety of ways. You can be disappointed if you don’t need the item. This is because if you keep items without knowing what they are made of, it can cause damage. Zu Mi Ni Cang website is essential to ensure that your items are durable.

These are items that are often placed in inappropriate locations in the home.

A pearl necklace is the first item most often kept in a bad way. Pearl necklaces need to be taken care of by their owners. Hanging the necklace upside down will cause the string or rope to become frayed. Don’t wear pearl necklaces in combination with other jewelry. The pearl surface is very susceptible to scratches so make sure you keep your necklace in a soft container.

The clothes are the second. To make clothes last longer, do you believe you need to just hang them or stack them in your closet? This is a mistake. Mold growth is a common problem in dark, damp storage areas. Ventilate your cabinets. Avoid putting unused clothes in your basement or attic.

Beauty and body care products are the third category. These products should be moved if you don’t use them often. The shelf can be mounted on the wall above your toilet. This is a much better option than putting beauty products on top the toilet water tank. Although the product won’t be damaged, it will make opening the toilet water tank more difficult.

You should also get rid of any medicines in the bathroom, other than beauty products. Keep medicines out of the bathroom. Bathrooms can become hot and humid. This environment is not recommended for medicines. The drug can be destroyed by humidity, which will also deprive it of its performance. You can keep medicines in a drawer on the desk, in the kitchen or in a cabinet in the dining area.

Electronic equipment is the fifth object, particularly equipment used for cooking. A mixer, blender, or juicer is not something everyone uses every day. These items should be stored in cabinets in the kitchen to prevent them from collecting dust and clogging up your countertop. The same applies to a coffeemaker (coffeemaker and grinder) and a toaster. These tools should only be used once per day, even if you use them every morning.

Get the fresh vegetables out your fridge! Avocados, tomatoes, and onions are best kept at room temperature.

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