Oriental Rugs Care: A Guide to Cleaning and Preserving Your Rugs

Oriental rugs have a special place in the world when it comes to exquisite home decor. The rugs aren’t just floorcoverings, they are art pieces steeped in culture and history. The beauty of these pieces comes with a great deal of responsibility. Although regular carpet cleaning website is simple, Oriental rugs need a different approach.

Oriental rugs are unique. This is the first step to understanding how delicate this process can be. Typically made with wool, silk or other natural fibers and handwoven, Oriental rugs are dyed using natural colors. These rugs are sensitive to harsh chemicals or rough handling. You need to strike a delicate balance between cleaning effectively and caring for your pets.

Maintenance is essential. Routine actions, such as vacuuming the carpet with a suction head without brushes to avoid pulling at delicate fibers are required. Spills must be dealt with immediately, but the way you deal with them is what matters. It is important to not rub, but rather to use blotting. While rubbing can cause the spill to penetrate deeper into the fabric, blotting will help remove the stain.

It is important to choose the right cleaning agent when deeper cleaning is necessary. The fibers can be damaged by harsh chemicals, and the color may bleed. Choose gentle cleaners that are pH balanced and specially formulated to clean Oriental rugs. DIYers can use a solution of mild dish soap and water, as long as they test the mixture first.

The importance of professional Oriental rug cleaning is often underestimated. The knowledge and tools required to clean deep without damaging the rug or carpet are available from experts who specialize in cleaning and maintaining rugs and carpets. Cleaning methods can be tailored to the specifics of each rug type.

Protecting the rug from external factors is also an important aspect of Oriental Rug Care. The sun can cause the vivid colors to fade over time. By rotating the rug, or by using curtains and blinds to reduce direct sunlight exposure. Protecting the rug from excess moisture and humidity will also help prevent mold growth.

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