Nature’s perfect remedy – medicinal mushrooms

Some of the most popular culinary mushrooms are portabellas and white buttons. But there are mushrooms with medicinal properties that can also be used as ingredients in cooking. In addition to tea, they are also available in tinctures and extracts. They can even be purchased in capsules. If you want to learn more about what is microdosing?, please visit this page.

You can find medicinal mushrooms such as the reishi (or agaricus) mushroom, the shitake (or maitake), coriolus and other types. Other mushrooms are available, but this is a selection of some the more popular ones.

In both their genetic structure and chemical composition, these medicinal mushrooms are similar to humans. Scientists claim that mushrooms and humans are genetically closer than other plants.

Hence, “medicinal”, or “higher level”, mushrooms can be beneficial to the health of those who consume them. You can heal your body and have positive impacts on emotions, the mind, and even spirit when you consume these mushrooms.

Reishi mushroom has been used for centuries in China as a healing herb. However, it’s also found throughout the rest of the world. Reishi, also known as the “mould of immortality”, is a useful herb that can be taken daily and helps to prolong life.

Reishi has long been used to help stimulate the immune system in people suffering from HIV and cancer. Reishi can also be used to treat viral diseases, to relieve fatigue, to soothe inflammation and even to relax and calm people’s spirits.

One of the best medicinal mushrooms available in the world is Maitake. Maitake is used culinarily as well as medicinally, and is a very powerful source of beta-glucan polysaccharides–potent immune system healing chemicals.

Use of the maitake mushrooms can help prevent cancer as well as control diabetes and cholesterol. Maitake boosts the activity and effectiveness of natural killer cells to help the body fight off immune system issues.

The following link will take you to my blog where I describe more in depth the different types of medicinal fungi.

You can also triple the potency of Vitamin C by taking it with medicinal mushrooms. Information to help maintain your best health.

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