Mushroom Safety:

Every year, thousands of people hunt for exotic mushrooms. Many wild mushrooms, whether they grow in nearby forests or your yard, are extremely tasty. It is important to be cautious when you are trying to find fungi. See Soulcybin for get more info.

Be sure to find out which kind of fungus is being sought. I would not recommend going into the forest to grab any delicious looking mushrooms you come across. For each mushroom you choose, it is important to plan your approach. Nearly every fungus only produces mushrooms during certain seasons and within specific conditions. Most Fungus grow well in humid climates, and they spawn most often around fall.

You should cook your mushrooms after you’re done. To kill bacteria on the mushrooms, you can either cook them or boil them in high temperatures. The mycotoxincs in mushroom also cause them to become nullified by heating. To avoid any contamination, you should only boil all wild mushrooms. You will make sure they stay clean and that the mushrooms retain more of their flavor. Some mushrooms are not very volatile and can only be eaten raw. However, you should remember that poisonous mushrooms cannot be cooked.

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