Mosquito Misting Systems: The Most Effective Remedy

Houston, Plano Austin Atlanta Dallas, are some of the Texas cities where mosquitos are a problem. They are known to transmit diseases like West Nile Virus (WNV), malaria, etc. and are responsible for millions deaths each year. Prevention is always the best medicine, and it’s better to stop the mosquito from biting you before the bite occurs. Visit us!

In the mosquito season people do anything they can to relieve themselves of this. They use bug zappers for their homes, light candles or spray non-prescription creams on their skin.

For safe and effective mosquito control, misting mosquito systems (or pest control systems) are the best solution. According to experts, mosquito misting systems have a better health risk than other killers. Today, mosquito misting devices are guaranteed to be effective in eliminating mosquitoes from residential properties.

The pest control system that is installed on the outside of the home or around its perimeter, such as mosquito misting systems, are becoming increasingly popular. Pyrethrum is the active ingredient used in automated misting systems for mosquito control. It is made from African Daisy extracts and chrysanthemum flower seeds. Pyrethum is made from oil extracted from seeds. In tropical climates, the seeds of these flowers are used in making mosquito coils.

Pyrethrum can be used to control not just mosquitoes. It is most successful to use this “flushing action” in order to control such pests.

Pyrethrum, which has been EPA approved for nearly three decades, is the basis from which numerous insecticides are made synthetically. The natural pyrethrum insecticide is highly effective and non-toxic to humans or the environment. Therefore, it’s a good choice for backyards, courtyards, patios, porches, and swimming pools. Although the insect misting systems required a licensed professional to install, it is still recommended that you hire a pest control specialist who has been professionally trained.

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