Moldavite: Feel the real thing while wearing it

This moldavite has become cherished for thousands of year because it is renowned as a special gem with powerful spiritual and energy qualities. The moldavite is said to be able to change the lives of those who use it. Its main benefit is that it can boost energy and eliminate obstructions within the energy channels of the body. The purification of the chakras is believed to have a positive effect on health, wellness and energy – click for source!

Also thought to offer a range of physical benefits, moldavite has been said to help strengthen the immunity system, relieve pain, and treat other ailments. Moldavite could be relaxing to the body and brain, helping with stress reduction and relaxation.

If you’re looking to purchase moldavite it is essential that the diamond be of high quality, and free from any flaws. The inclusions and fractures in the stone can lessen the power of the gem and reduce its vibrancy.

Source of stone: When buying moldavite the origin is important. You can only get an authentic moldavite specimen in the Czech Republic if you are looking to enjoy the benefits.

It is also important to consider the weight and size of any moldavite you purchase. While smaller parts can be cheaper, the energy they emit may not match that of larger pieces. A larger piece may be more expensive, but it will have a greater energy. It could also promote healing and change.

When you want to buy moldavite it’s best to go to a gemstone dealer with a good reputation who sells fine specimens. You should find a dealer who is able to tell you where the gem was mined, its size and weight and who has a certification of authenticity.

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