Modular Components

The precast manufacturer can produce concrete modular units with a side wall and roof if needed. Modules help to speed up construction find out more. The precast factory can finish off and equip the modular units in the factory to make them almost finished.

These units are often used in prisons but can now be found being used by schools, motels and hotel rooms, or anywhere else that small rooms of repetitive designs need to quickly be made.

Modules of cell blocks are commonly used to construct facilities for justice, like prisons and incarcerations. The structures are multi-level or one level, with a maximum height of 10-12 stories.

Modules come as monolithic or multi-cell components. Each monolithic unit can have up to four cell. In general the configuration includes both an inmate’s cell as well as a vertical “chase” between cells to house MEP (mechanical and electrical).

Formwork may be made of metal and have mechanisms for “stripping out” or adjusting modules.

The interior of the module is usually epoxy-painted. It has all the mechanical, electrical and piping (MEP) that the manufacturer can provide. The final installation is done on-site. The exterior walls of the building are made out of insulation panels that look like sandwich panels. They can also be decorated with any type architectural design.

Steel Cell for Steel Detention Cells

Steel Cell of North America, Inc., with its Georgian headquarters, revolutionized the construction of detention centres, and even cells, in just 10 years. Steel Cell, located in Georgia, designs, manufactures and customizes modular, prefabricated jail cells. Steel is durable, corrosion resistant, galvanized. Steel Cell’s products are not just lightweight and easy to transport, they also meet the security and local building codes for each facility.

Steel Cell’s dedicated team strives to provide the best possible customer service. As their products are suitable both for existing and new buildings, they guarantee a cost efficient and effective construction.

Steel Cell has evolved beyond manufacturing cells. Early on, Steel Cell realised it had to use the method of modularization in order to create new detention areas. Steel Cell’s cells are available in two mechanical configurations, either front or back. They can also include a custom shower.

Cells may have 4, 8, or even 16 beds. Furniture that is resistant to contraband is included. Steel Cell team also designed a medical shower and an isolation unit.

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