Mini Storage Auction: Do’s and Don’ts

An auction is a good way to earn extra income by purchasing entire storage units. To make a profit they’ll sell the complete contents, find more help.

A mini storage auction occurs when someone fails to pay their mini-storage bills. It can last several months. When the renter fails to pay his bill, the mini storage unit owner will notify him of its contents. The owner’s personal finances and contents can determine whether or not there is an auction.

Call the store in advance so they can confirm that it has held an auction. You may be eligible to win mini storage units. Make sure you check if the unit is open for inspection before the auction commences and what participation fees are involved.

It is important that your mini storage contents be removed as quickly as possible so that you have time to prepare. The auction terms will stipulate that the unit must be moved within 24 to 48 hour. It’s important to own a vehicle (truck/van) and to know how much fuel it will cost to return to your residence.

You shouldn’t be trying to return items at the sale if your mini-storage units are up for bid. The majority of mini storage managers permit you to pay your invoice. However, they will not cancel the auction until a few minutes prior. Your manager can help you determine what to do.

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