Microwave Ovens – A Must in Every Modern Kitchen

It is possible to prepare whole dishes and cook prepared meals in the microwave in just a few minutes.

Microwave ovens generate electromagnetic rays. This radiation causes food to warm up by stimulating the water molecules. Food heated briefly will still be cold at the centre, but warm outside. Microwaves are not very effective and do infiltrate. The food in a microwavable is only heated, not the oven. This means that the coating will never form on the surface of the food. Find out more?

Types of

The four main types of microwaves are the convection-microwave oven, ovens that can be built in or placed over an oven range, combination and countertop ovens. For help in choosing the correct one, we have listed the pros and con of each type.

Countertop micro-wave oven – This is ideal for kitchen countertops that are larger and wider. The function is very simple. You just plug it in the wall to start cooking or heating your food.

Convection Microwave Oven This type of microwave oven combines microwave technology conventional with heat energy, allowing you to grill, bake and auburn food. This microwave oven comes with both a fan and heating element to help move the hot air. The combination of these elements makes this oven an energy-saving device. The convection oven requires some adjustments but it is worth the effort.

Over the range and built-in oven- A built-in oven or an over-therange microwave may be your best option if you have a crowded countertop. Due to their additional features, as well as the cost of installation, these microwaves tend to be more expensive.

Combine microwave — Combination ovens combine all the benefits of microwave cooking with those of conventional grills and ovens. It is possible to use this microwave to either heat your food in the convection mode or the conventional one.

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