Melbourne’s moisture muddle: Downpours and Dodgy foundations

Melbourne weather is known to be unpredictable. The weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable. One minute it is sunny and bright, and the next moment it pours cats and dogs. In the midst of this weather mayhem there is an unsung enemy that targets our homes. Yup, moisture! Moisture is a major factor in foundation problems that cause homeowners to think about underpinning their melbourne property. Grab your brolly and lets dive in to this soggy scenario! Success stories.

1. Tango Expanding and shrinking:

Melbourne soil is a lover-hater of water, especially the clay reactive variety. It swells like a sponge when soaked. But in drier times? The foundation shrinks. The constant expansion and contraction of your foundation can lead to unevenness and cracks.

2. Nature’s sneaky sculptor, Erosion

A foundation’s soil can be washed away by too much water. This erosion over time can cause voids in your foundation, which will make it unstable. Imagine pulling the rug from underneath someone else’s feet.

3. The Trees are playing Thirsty Games

The roots of large trees are also very thirsty. If they are planted too near your house, the roots can absorb all of the moisture in the soil, which will cause the ground to shrink more than the hipster jeans worn by Melbourne’s young people.

4. Silent Saboteurs: Improper Drainage

Water can pool at the base of your house due to poor drainage. This can cause soil to expand, and the dampness will weaken your foundation over time.

5. Building on Moist Ground:

When a building is built on soil that’s not been properly dried out or compacted the water in the ground can cause the foundation to settle when the weight of the structure presses against it.

6. Take on the moisture monster:

Check and clean gutters regularly. Make sure the ground slopes down away from your house to encourage water flow. If you plan to plant trees, make sure they are at a distance away from your house.

7. You’ve got a problem? Expert Advice is Available:

Don’t put up a brave front (or wear a raincoat) if you see signs that your foundation is affected by moisture. Consult a professional. Experts can help you with everything from assessments to underpinning Melbourne houses.

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