Meal Prep – The Lazy Person’s Guide for Morning Fuel

Do you often wake up to your alarm clock five or more times before you have the energy to get out of bed? Are you often in a rush and yet unable to get breakfast? It’s possible to have a healthy and delicious breakfast every morning, without even having to lift a finger. You don’t even have to do anything. The only thing that’s required is some basic planning, the use or a meal prep service.

First, you’ll need a container in order to keep your prepared breakfast fresh for later. A mason can is a good substitute for overnight oats. Tupperware is best for making breakfast burritos. You can begin the preparation process as soon as you have your container. Continue reading?

Overnight slow cooked oats is what I use for breakfast every morning. Before placing in the fridge, you should put the oatmeal, milk (or the dairy substitute of your choice), as well toppings (such fruit, nuts, or spices) in a glass jar. The jar should be shaken before being stored in the refrigerator. Everything is already prepared for you so you don’t have any worries about cooking delicious breakfast. You will find everything ready to go.

Make breakfast burritos if you prefer savory dishes over sweet. You should wrap your scrambled egg, vegetables, and whatever protein source you choose (bacon or sausage, for instance) in a tortilla. To thaw the tortilla for breakfast, place it in the freezer or refrigerator. This will give you enough food to last the morning.

This morning nutrition program is great for people who are short on time. This will help to keep you awake longer.

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