Making Music Videos

You can make music videos in many ways, and this method is simple. It is possible to find the Magix Music Maker program at many places where software is sold. It has a built-in file manager, which lets you drag and drop music and video files from your PC into any track. How to make a music video?

You can drag a music file into the track by scrolling your drive on your computer. If you also have a video, locate it, and drag it to the track under the music. Clicking play will allow you to see if your music matches up with the video. Edit your video in several ways.

Click on the small tabs around the perimeter of the video to select it. Then, click with your cursor where you would like to divide your clip. Next, click on the small scissors above the toolbar. The clip will be split and you can remove a part or move it to another place.

The program comes with some video clips you can use. Additional video clips can be dragged into tracks underneath your current clip to mix them together. By clicking on the grey arrow below a video clip you’ll be able to access the full video effect menu.

Many effects are available, including optical effects and changing colors or speed. It also offers many options for editing the music. If you wish, you can also split the file if it is a music track. You can also select from a wide range of effects in the tab effects. Use these effects to be creative when creating your video.

If you’re happy with the music video you’ve created, select ‘export arrangements as’ from the menu. The options are many, but a typical option is to export the video in AVI format. It will then mix everything together and create your music video, ready for uploading to YouTube.

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