Los Angeles Events — Get Close To The Stars

You might think that Los Angeles is only for Hollywood and that all events in Los Angeles are reserved exclusively for Hollywood web site. False. Los Angeles has a wide range of events open to the public that can make your trip even more memorable. Here are some of the Los Angeles events.

Shriner’s Circus

The Shriner’s is an organization of public service that puts on an annual charity circus at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center, located in downtown Los Angeles. The Shriner’s Circus can be the perfect way to start the New Year for you and your loved ones. Los Angeles Events- Be Up close & Personal with the Stars Articles: There is a charge to enter, but your kids will always remember this experience. The circus caters to children and helps a worthy cause.

Los Angeles Jazz Festival

Los Angeles Jazz is one of many jazz festivals held throughout the US, but it is indoors in winter. Los Angles, which is normally sunny and warm all year round, is a great place to host a jazz festival. It is held at the Laemmie Music Hall. Los Angeles Jazz Festival happens every year on March 1st. The festival takes place throughout the entire day, with a variety of local and often unknown acts.

Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festival

Every year, the hot air balloon festival in Echo Park features balloons that are from all around the globe. They rise into the sky to provide a grand show. Los Angeles Hot Air Balloon Festival includes food and kiddie rides. The festival is held every year on the second Saturday of March. The majority of people enjoy hot air ballon festivals and so will your family. It’s also free.

Los Angeles Taste Fest

Los Angeles Taste Fest in Griffith Park, along Crystal Springs Drive near Los Angeles is the perfect place to get a taste for the food in the area. If you want to taste the cuisine of restaurants that you know so well and that you may have heard stars of your favourite shows attend, this festival is for you. It takes place on the last Saturday in June.

Los Angeles Book Fair & Sale

Los Angeles Library, one of the world’s largest public libraries. Los Angeles Book Fair and Sale has become a huge event every year thanks to millions of donations. Los Angeles Book Fair: The Los Angeles Book Fair occurs at all Los Angeles Library branches, including Echo Park Library, Montbello Library and Pasadena Library. Every year, the last week of September is the time to attend the biggest library sale of all. Los Angeles is not only for movie stars. Los Angeles has a wide range of events for all ages. From fine dining to shopping, there are many ways that your family can have fun.

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