Information About Propane Turkey Frieders

The wonderful taste of fried turkey makes propane turkey fryers increasingly popular. These fryers pose a serious danger look at this. The largest association, National Fire Protection Association, strongly discourages the use and maintenance of propane turkey fryers. This is due to the possible accidental fire hazards. This type has been rejected by many, including the New York fire Department.

Consumer Product Safety Commission also recognized the dangers that propane fryers pose. The safety committee submitted a report detailing over 100 incidents regarding propane fryer hazards. This video from their website shows the dangers posed by turkey fryers exploding rapidly and so violently.

The propane turkey fryer does NOT have a temperature control. Turkey heaters with temperature control have systems that are often not reliable and often poorly designed. This creates an insecurity among customers. Keep in mind, the propane turkey fryer has been designed for outdoor usage. Remember that the propane turkey frying pan can become very hot if it is in direct sunlight or exposed to water. The steam then becomes steam, which can cause severe burns. Additionally, partially frozen propane turkey fryers can be dangerous. Additionally, unstable three leg bases are a concern.

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