How to Paint & Draw

It can be difficult to understand the answers. There are millions of results when you search the Internet for the term “art school”. When you Google (“search”) “learn how to draw”, you can select from more than 4,880,000 sites. (At least, this is what I found when writing the article). You’ll probably find more when you give it a try, more help?

Google shows 854000 web sites under its logo in the blue light bar on the top.

Online art classes and art schools that grant degrees are available. There are some non-degree art classes that award “Certificates Of Completion.”

The challenge is finding an art school that offers a course in drawing and painting to suit your budget, time and personal requirements.

This is just a small list.

If you want to improve your drawing or painting skills, I recommend that you enroll in an art school. Time and finances are two issues that many people face. It costs now over $100,000.00 for the four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program I completed at Pratt. The article on this website is seen by people all over the world. The Saatchi Gallery’s web page “Art Colleges Around the World: Visual Arts, Fashion and Design Institutions” has a great list. In the box of resources at the end of the article, the Saatchi Gallery Art Colleges web page address can be found on the Links page.

Saatchi Gallery includes art schools from many different countries, including the college where I studied (Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York City USA). At the time this article, thousands of art colleges were listed on 57 pages in the Saatchi Gallery listings.

Option 2: Attend a local arts course at either a private or public art school. You may not have this choice in your area, but you can check the qualifications of teachers before enrolling. Ask your friends, neighbors and local teachers for recommendations. You can also Google the choices. Art clubs in your area may also be able give you recommendations. Some artists teach private art lessons to individuals and groups. Private group classes used to be held in my basement.

Option 3: Pick up a pencil, or some oil paints, and just start painting and drawing. It worked for Grandma Moses, Anna Mary Robertson. She taught herself to paint at the age 81. You can read about Grandma Moses on Wikipedia. (The address for the Grandma Moses Wikipedia page is on the Links Page, in the box near the bottom of the article). Grandma Moses was not an artist and although her original paintings sold at $5.00 – $10.00 US dollars, they now fetch between $10,000 – $60,000 USD. She earned $500,000 USD annually in the mid 1950s. Grandma Moses, who was 101 years old when she died in 1961.

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