Hire a Painter: 10 Things to Know

Consumers have many options to choose from when selecting a painting contractor. The following questions will help you choose the right painter for your needs. Have fun with it! discover more!

1. What is your personal background and that of your firm? It is important to ask about the painting contractor’s experience in terms of service, company history, customers references, etc. Important: The explanations must be clear, simple and easy to understand. The information should meet your specific needs.

2. How long have you been employing your employees? Your painters all work as professionals full-time? Could you please tell me what training your staff receives to ensure that they are up-to date with all the new rules, regulations and techniques for the safety of the workers and the environment as well? Have you any background information about the people who paint for us? What is their professional experience? Has your work force been stable or is it constantly changing? How do you manage your training, supervision and controls? It doesn’t matter how good the paint is if you have a painter who has no experience.

3. You specialize in which type of projects? Which type of project do you prefer? What are the primary focuses of your contractor(s)? Many homeowners who want the highest-quality paint hire residential painters. The quality of the painting contractor, his ability to maintain schedules or his desire for an organization that performs their work correctly are all factors in choosing a commercial client.

4. Can you describe your work processes to me? Customers are searching for painting contractors who take pride in offering the best quality paint. Professional painters analyze their customer’s needs, do meticulous preparations and use only high-quality techniques.

5. Would you be able to provide references for me? If a contractor is reliable, they should be able give you a full list of clients. The contractor’s references should list a number of streets and neighborhood names. You should include references to local areas.

6. Are you able to provide documents that prove your certification and/or license? Painters must register in many states as licensed contractors. You should provide a certified copy to any potential customer. Department of Consumer Protection confirms any issues with registration.

7. Can I get an insurance certificate from my insurance provider? Workers’ compensation insurance, auto liability, and other types of coverage must be documented. It is the insurance agent of the contractor, and NOT the contractor themselves who must provide the certificate.

8. Has your company been approved by the EPA Lead Safe Firms to perform renovations in homes built before 1978? Federal Law stipulates that renovations to homes older than 1978 can only be undertaken by EPA Lead Safe Certified Companies. All necessary training must be completed by the contractor. According to federal regulation, your staff should be all Renovators Certified. Lead-Safe Certification should be displayed on the logo of your contractor.

9. Where should you get your paint? It is important to buy paint from a reputable manufacturer. Benjamin Moore Glidden Professional Sherwin William & many others work together with professional painters in order to ensure that they find the perfect coating for any project. A house painting expert must have the experience and expertise to customise their product to suit each client.

10. Why Hire YOU To Paint My Project? An experienced painting contractor will explain how they differ. Discuss the best brands of paints. How to apply paint as per manufacturer specifications. The way highly-skilled, well-trained painters will take care of your property, as if they were doing it for themselves. Potential clients should be informed so they are able to make an educated choice and assess the value of their property.

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