Glossary for moldavites characteristic

Glossiness of the surface is another characteristic that moldavites do not recognize. We recognize many shades of colour and also several levels of gloss. While gloss is often unevenly distributed on the surface, it is uniform within.

Although glossy moldavites website are the preferred choice of most collectors, they also have their charm.

Gradients of gloss in moldavites

Without gloss (velvety).




Very glossy (glassy or varnishy).

Moldavite’s gloss is heavily influenced by the rock surrounding it. The sandy gravel sediment is where you will find the glossiest moldavites. The clay sediments are home to the matte ones. Moldavites, which have undergone a long river transport, are matte too – they have an abrided exterior.

Moldavite’s shine will change once it is extracted from the sediment. Unfortunately, moldavites can slowly lose their original gloss. It is most evident in older finds. It is also seen in some museums as a result of moldavites that have tarnished their surfaces. This is due to the environment containing aggresive substances that cause the surface to tarnish. The process is extremely slow.

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