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If you’re new to Forex trading, most Forex traders will tell that it is easy to learn Forex trading. Have you heard that before? You’ve heard it before. You can easily learn a repeatable process to make a passive income from Forex trading… it only takes 30 minutes of your time. You will learn the secret to the 5% who make it big and how you too can be part of them.

What Keeps 95% of Forex Traders from Making Money? go here.

You can be certain that 95% percent of Forex traders don’t know how trade Forex profitably. This is right: 95% of Forex traders that you have met in any discussion board, chat room, or forum are losing money on their trading accounts. The prevailing wisdom in these forums is that you have to learn Forex trading, pay your taxes and wait until you “get it”. Ask them if Forex is making them money the next time they tell you.

Talk is cheap. But, if you follow the advice of someone who doesn’t understand what they’re talking about, it can cost you a lot. Many Forex traders don’t know what they’re doing. They hop from one indicator to the other, and from system to system in search of the cure. They’re not wrong. They are decent, honest people who do their best to support their family. They simply don’t have enough time or energy after work to be able to generate consistent Forex income.

The Secret of The 5% and How You Can Join Them

Forex trading isn’t the only way to make money. Anyone telling you otherwise is either lying, or they don’t know better. A proven and profitable Forex trading system is all that is required to generate a passive income from Forex. The secret to making consistent Forex passive income is the fact that 5% of Forex traders have a structured process for earning profits from Forex markets each day. They know that repeating the profitable process will result in the same results.

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