Garage Doors: Safety, Installation and Maintenance of Garage Doors.

Every year I am called to testify as an expert on doors and evaluate injuries caused by garage doors. Garage doors can be found in various shapes and sizes. Garage doors serve a range of functions, including basic security and cosmetic concealment. Many doors are divided into basic styles and categories. Visit this site Rainbow Garage Door Las Vegas.

The most common garage door for home use is the overhead sectional type. They are available in different configurations with different materials and insulation. You can buy them as a prefabricated set or have a design built to suit your building. Installations in commercial warehouses are often more secure.

Roll-up doors are a great choice. They look like roll top desks. These doors can be constructed from materials as tough as walls adjacent to the opening, making it difficult for a person to break in. Single or sectional aluminum doors with a light weight are other common commercial installation options. They serve more to secure an area rather than to provide point security.

As a result, in the early days of overhead garage doors, there was a lot of concern about the safety associated with springs. In the early 1960s, the majority of garage door installations used two springs stretched to help operate the pivoting garage door hinges.

When the door closes, these springs will be loaded. When the door opens to a horizontal position above the floor, spring energy is released. It was one of the dangers of spring system that, over time and often with no maintenance or inspection, these points of attachment would rust.

This weakening would lead to an unintentional explosive failure that would throw the broken components around the garage. They could embed the spring or steel into the garage wall, cars, and other items along the path. Sadly, there were times when people found themselves in the direct path of explosions. In an attempt to safeguard against these failures, manufacturers developed a system of “caging”.

They were attached to the stretched springs as a retrofit in an effort capture parts which would be released if there was a problem. Although they proved useful, these cages were not entirely effective. Some spring devices from the past are still in operation today. When this occurs or the quality garage components is questionable, you should consult with a service technician.

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