Flags and banners: Top four uses

Many people collect flags and banners our website. But they don’t know what do with them. They are drawn to them for the associations they make with other countries, peoples, or groups. But once they own them, they don’t know what to do. Here are four great ways to use flags/banners to get the most out of your collection.

1. Decorate Your House
Although this may sound obvious, many people don’t want to do it. They think all decorations should be coordinated in order to look professional. They have many flags, from all parts of the globe, with different colors. What they do not know is that these flags will create a theme. The theme will be established and all decorations will appear to match, even if they don’t use the same colors.

2. Fly them outside of your Home
You can fly American flags directly from your flagpole if you have one. This will show the world what you like. Just as wearing caps and other hats can make you feel more connected to an organization, so can a flagpole banner. You can also change them each week to keep your options varied.

3. Send them gifts
Perhaps you have decided you no longer care about the items or that you have too much to decorate your house. These banners may not be the only ones who are interested in them. You can give them to people you trust will appreciate them. This is especially great if you have friends who want to start their own collection. You can help them if theirs is getting too large.

4. Display them in a case
If you aren’t convinced that your flags can be hung on the walls as decorations, you might fold them and place them inside a case. This is especially useful if they are behind glass or on wooden shelving. This will make it easier to see more colors without losing any of your favorite banners.

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