Find the Best Flagpoles for Your Home in The United States

There are some of world’s greatest flagpoles found here in America. Many people vie for the title of “greatest US flagpole”. This competition is fierce from coast to coastal. Following are the selections for top flagpoles in America: discover more!

Fort McHenry was the scene of a historic battle, which served as a model for our nation’s song. The Star-Spangled Banner Flagpole can be found in Baltimore, Maryland. The Star-Spangled Banner Flagpole stands 105 feet and is named patriotically. Then shout out “Oh can you see?” You can also show your American pride by waving the flag.

Space Needle Flagpole: This 605 foot-tall Space Needle is easily recognizable in Seattle. Aluminium is used in the construction of this 24-foot tall pole. A selfie is ideal in front of stars and strips.

Orlando, Florida, has the Walt Disney World Flagpole. The feature is part of Magic Kingdom. Mickey Mouse is always there to help lower the American Flag.

Golden Gate Bridge Flagpole belongs to the famous Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco. A 746 foot height can be attributed to the construction of steel. There you can proudly display your flag while enjoying the beautiful city and waterfront views.

Washington Monument Flagpole, a feature of Washington Monument is Washington D.C. The flagpole stands at a height of 555 feet. You can pay your respects while flying the flag, and enjoy the stunning views of the National Mall.

As with the various states within the United States, these flagpoles each have their own charm and personality. A flagpole can be the perfect choice for anyone who is a Seattleite.

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