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IT (information technology) has a huge impact on modern-day business. IT stands for information technology. IT services that support business beyond geographic boundaries and within time limits are a must. The Network Support system allows for large volume business transactions to be conducted in few seconds. Now, there is no company or industry that can live without a Business IT support system. IT is playing a more and more crucial role as the competition grows with the emergence of many new businesses.

Successful business enterprises depend on reliable support for their network. Because communication is the basis of all business processes, it is important that information be conveyed correctly to the right people at the correct time. A miscommunication or delay can cause serious damage to an organisation. To ensure growth, these factors highlight the importance of having a fast and reliable IT service. Business activities are important for any entrepreneur. But the decision-making process is one of them. A statistical analysis is used when making business decisions. The use of such data or information is critical in setting future goals. As a matter of fact, without a reliable network in an organization it would be impossible to collect, store and analyse complex data. A business house must maintain a strong business IT to handle the changes in this field.

Y2K was a similar issue ten years back, which caused global business collapse due to a lack proactiveness on part of the entrepreneurs. Two areas that most companies fail to address are information sharing with their employees and the security of their network. This leads them to shut down operations. Stock Trading, inviting quotes, tenders, signing of new deals and building clients are all examples. These are vital for the growth of an enterprise. It is crucial to consider the security of a network when sharing confidential or important information with other businesses.

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