Crystals and gemstones that Facilitate Astral Projection

Gemstones bring light, color, sparkle and beauty to everyone on this planet – click here. Although gemstones and crystals look beautiful in a pendant, their true value is much more than that. They have healing properties, promote healing and balance, and protect against negative energy. Each stone conveys a message or serves a purpose. Their vibration and energy support certain aspects of our life.

The use of certain gemstones will help astral projectionists make their transitions from the physical to the astral more natural and fluid. The stones can either be placed beneath a pillow, in doorways or arranged around the bed as a ring. Stones have healing properties that can be used without jewelry. Many people prefer the raw stone when it comes to their metaphysical properties.

Tourmalinated Quartz consists of a clear quartz crystal laced with black tourmaline. It is a beautiful, spiritual stone that combines many of the healing and spiritual properties of each gemstone. The tourmaline dispels negativity and purifies the energy. Quartz amplifies this effect. This stone can be used to eliminate fear and protect the soul. Because this stone is associated with third eye chakra (the center for awakening and illumination in our bodies), it could be beneficial to have a tourmalinated rock nearby when you meditate or relax. This can facilitate out of body experiences of a very mystical and marvelous nature.

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