Create awesome T-shirts

You’re thinking of finding a fashionable yet unique style to do to your plain T-shirts stored in the closet but you don’t think you have an inner artist? There is an easy solution for your dilemma. Custom-designed T-shirt printing. The custom T-shirt printing is now gaining prominence in the clothing industry because there are many consumers looking for more unique designs for the clothes they wear.

A few simple steps that you could take to design the distinctive and incredible T-shirt design that you desire – additional info!

Select and design your idea initially. The design of your T-shirt should represent something you really want. It could be your preferred band, anime character abstract art, motto or the logo you trust or an advertisement to a brand you’re involved with. The concept behind your design can help you in the designing process. Consider using images from the Internet or your personal photos to create your own design based upon your requirements and preference.

Second, pick your color scheme. In designing your shirt, it is important to think about the color combination and contrast. Take into consideration how different colors of ink will look against lighter and dark shirts. Certain ink colors may look distinct when printed, compared to how they look on your PC.

Make use of lines, textures and patterns correctly. It’s vital in designing a shirt, to take into consideration the surfaces, strokes, and the figures. Learn to combine and use the patterns, lines, and textures that make your shirt design unique, cool and stylish.

Fourth, examine the overall composition of your layout. Look at the interactions of all your elements in the design. It’s important to decide which is the best position to put the pattern on your shirt. You should check if you have any dull or excessively decorated portions within your garment. Look at how these elements can be used to create a harmonious whole. Your design should be balanced to be able to draw the attention of your audience.

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