Club Drug Rehab’s value has increased dramatically

It was the first time that I visited a nightclub. The music and high were amazing. You can’t imagine how exciting it is to walk into a club and see so many beautiful women who are willing to chat, dance and have fun. Fantastic, get the facts.
The excitement of finding out who the girls were, what they sell, and which ones are regulars was thrilling. It was exciting to realize that my dreams could become a reality. Fun/exciting!
My GPA has dropped to just 1.6, but I’m still happy. In the last six months my experience and confidence have both increased.

My home has finally been purchased after I finished my education and got a good job. Now I have the freedom to do what I please. You will find people who will take advantage of you in some clubs. Some are predators who prey on roofies. What do they care about other than finding young women to drug, put in cars and take them somewhere? Some people are going to sell you junk, and at other times they will just take my money. Hey, how are you going deal with them? You know, they belong to a cartel or club. What else can I tell you? Would I like to die? You, the predator and scammer.

One downside to the situation is now that I’m responsible for all of my bills. Sometimes it can be hard to have enough money. Selling a few items can sometimes help me make a little money. My blue rear view light was the thing that made me feel most scared. This one thing alone (DUI Driving under the Influence), had a huge impact on my entire life. I had to travel between one and a half hours further by mass transportation after losing my driver’s license. To go to a club, my only option is to take taxis or friends.

When you don’t have a vehicle, it will be more difficult to persuade women to come home with you. When you say that the woman is heading home to nap, the taxi driver may be embarrassed. The fact that I could hear her tell the cabbie that she didn’t recognize me, or even that she lived at the address, is what really worries me. She could ask “What is my purpose?” I need help! It’s okay to say I just showed what I was, which is a drug-abuser and abused woman. My club drug use has led to a string of hurtful, stupid and embarrassing acts.

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