Carpet Cleaning Alchemy – A Closer Look

As we dive in to the fascinating worlds of fibers, and filaments, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put on thinking caps. Go here!

The world of carpet cleaning goes beyond scrubbing with suds. In terms of domestic chemistry and carpet cleaning gordon’s ability to understand it, he is like your neighborhood scientist, eager to help you unravel your matting mysteries.

We begin with an introduction to two different types of dirt – soluble and nonsoluble. The two kinds of household gremlins require different approaches. Insoluble dirt is the kind that dissolves with water. For example, think of spilled sweet drinks and sticky hand prints. For example, insoluble dirt is sand or soil from the outdoors. This stubbornly adheres to carpet fibers, like a barnacle on a ship hull.

It’s time to set the scene, with water temperature. Water temperature is an important factor. It can be used to reset your carpet’s clean. Why? Heating up the carpet increases its kinetic power, allowing stains and dirt to escape. You’re telling the stains to hurry up and get out of the way.

Then what? It’s not soap, it is a specialized solution designed to attract dirt off carpet fibers using the siren-like charm. They have two different ends, one which is hydrophobic to repel water (and sticks to dirt), and another hydrophilic to attract water. They work like two tiny dancers, spinning the dirt out of the carpet.

Occasionally, however, you will encounter a stain which laughs at the water and detergent. This is when the solvents will come in handy. Consider solvents the “locksmiths” of stain-removal, as they pick the locks that keep dirt glued to the fiber. There is a special solvent to remove ink, oil or grease.

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