Behind the Screen: Student stories on online education outsourcing

In the digital age, some students who are overloaded with work and school decide to pay someone else to take my online classes. The answer to this question is usually kept secret. However, many untold tales reveal its complexity. These stories show students’ ethical and practical challenges as they compete for higher education continued.

Maria, a single mother of two aged 28 years, enrolled online in a business administration program to further her career. She had little time to do schoolwork because she was working full-time, maintaining a household and caring for her children. After two semesters of struggle, Maria hired an online tutor to help her with the less important classes. It was a difficult decision, but it was the only way I could avoid dropping out of school and provide a better future to my children,” she said. Maria is relieved but also guilty for graduating with honors. She questions her academic achievements.

John, a 22-year-old engineering student, faced a different challenge: his internship at a startup company required him to work weekends and late hours, just like a regular job. John relied on an academic support service to help him with his general education after his course load became overwhelming. He says, “I justified it by telling myself these courses were not related to my major but I couldn’t stop feeling like I was cheating me.” He feels uncomfortable about the decision, even though he gains from it.

Lisa outsourced her assignments to cope with severe sadness and anxiety. It was difficult to cope with the academic pressures while also struggling with mental illness. She says that finding someone to help her when she was at her lowest point felt like a lifeline. She sought out academic help from time to time throughout her college career, making sure she understood the subject in order to pass exams. Lisa’s case illustrates the ethical and human consequences of outsourcing academic work.

Some stories are negative. Alex, who was a senior at his institution, was severely punished after it discovered that he had hired someone else to do many online tasks. His academic record was ruined and his degree was halted. He spent a year in regret and recovery. He says, “I sacrificed my integrity in the name of convenience and it cost me dearly.” His experience warns about outsourcing educational tasks.

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