Are there Mushroom-Cancer Treatments?

Research on buy mushrooms has increased in recent years. The majority of research on mushrooms has been conducted in Japan and other Asian countries. American scientists and doctors started investigating the potential effects of mushrooms on cancer patients over the past few years.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has been conducting clinical studies with Maitake Mushrooms. Grifola Frondosa. This is America’s largest cancer research facility. Recent clinical trials on a Maitake Extract from Japan revealed the best dose for stimulating the immune systems. The phase I/II trials were conducted on women in their late 50s who had been treated for breast cancer.

Researchers in this Maitake research trial found no dose-limiting toxicity. The extract appears safe to be taken. The effects on the immune system of patients were significant. Furthermore, increasing the dose produced a stronger effect.

The best thing about this extract is its ability to be taken orally. You don’t need to inject it like anti-cancer mushroom extracts like “Lentinan” which is a Shiitake mushrooms fraction that has been approved for treating gastric cancer since the 1980s in Japan. “PSK” was developed in Japan from Coriolus versicolor, a mushroom-based anticancer drug. It was ingested by the patients as a liquid. There are also soft capsules, hard caps and pressed tablet options.

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