Are Online Car Dealers Better?

Prior to making your car purchase find this, you should decide which dealer you prefer. It is common to compare big online car dealers with local dealers. You should not make a decision emotionally based on other people’s opinions or the last location you purchased your car.


Online car sellers are able source a large number of vehicles at lower costs. By choosing more vehicles, you have more options and can negotiate better. Online dealers are more likely to have the make and model that you need, while a traditional dealer might not. The traditional dealer will call other dealers in case they cannot find the car. The dealer will still charge you a commission because there are agents between the two of you.


Online dealers have much lower prices than brick-and–mortar stores. Brick and Mortar stores are used by customers to haggling over lower prices. While the customer may appear happy, in fact they have overpaid. Internet ads with lowest prices get the most clicks. Online dealers will be more inclined to keep prices low. More emphasis is placed on volume than profit per vehicle.


Online dealers on the other hand are required by law to provide the full information. When dealing with an actual dealer, you will be told everything you need to know about the car. The dealer can choose to emphasize certain information or omit other details if asked. When you shop online, there will be a format that the dealer uses to present information. They can no long emphasize or exclude anything. You are responsible for making the decision. They only state the facts. You will notice a dramatic improvement in the quality of your purchase once you have removed the manipulative tactics they use to try and influence your decision.

Reputation & warranties

More importantly, they are concerned with their online dealerships’ reputation. They are mostly large corporations that rely on a good reputation to survive. They provide written guarantees to make sure that customers don’t purchase the wrong product.

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